Are you looking for...

an easy elopement,

an intimate wedding,

ready to renew your vows,

or a Commitment Ceremony?

Whatever your vision for honoring your relationship or special commitment, I help make your vision come to life.



Just the two of you ... and a few friends or family


Elopements are very popular these days. If you are looking for an intimate ceremony with family and/or friends, an elopement may be the alternative that helps you meet your budget and still create a lovely memory.


Elopement Ceremony Options

Custom Elopement

A Custom Elopement is a small, intimate ceremony that you design with my help. It has all the unique details of a full wedding, but you choose the size and location of your event to fit your budget. I send you a questionnaire to help describe your vision for your special event. Personal vows, rings exchanges, poems, and other details may be added to this ceremony. Bring as many witness as you like (limited to 10 at Cape Perpetua). If you need witnesses, I can provide them in the Yachats area, only.

The same sliding scale applies: $150-$300 in the Yachats area. Witnesses enjoy receiving at least $25 each for their time.

Elopement Special

The Elopement Special is a very basic ceremony for those on a tight budget, or who prefer a beautiful location over a customized service. It is only $100 for this service! Please read the limitations for this basic service below:

  • You choose a free Yachats (within city limits) location. This does not include the Little Log Church, but does cover Cape Perpetua, the 804 trail, the beach, or your motel room. I meet you there and lead you through basic vows and a ring exchange.

  • This is not a personalized ceremony, just your names. If you would like to add personal vows, then please choose the Custom Elopement (above).

  • You bring two witnesses, and up to two more guests, teens and older. If you have more than four attending or need me to provide witnesses, you qualify for the Custom Elopement.

  • If you can afford a professional photographer, please select the Custom Elopement option.

When scheduling your ceremony, please state in your first contact which elopement arrangement you are making, Custom or Elopement Special.


Traditional Weddings

in Unique Locations


It is my pleasure to help your special day come together beautifully!


Intimate Wedding Options

Destination ~ Vacation

The Central Oregon Coast is a magnificent ocean front location with many opportunities to enjoy nature, eat the finest foods, and breathe in the fresh sea air. You can rent a house for your whole family on the beach or reserve ocean-front locations for your reception.

Traditional Ceremony...with a Twist

You may wish to have a very formal and traditional ceremony, but with sand beneath your feet and ocean waves as your music. Some couples love the many historical lighthouse locations we have on the Oregon Coast, with Heceta Head being the most popular displaying a full green lawn for over a hundred guests and a sweet Bed & Breakfast in the old light-keepers inn. Yachats has a very unique Little Log Church which is a museum available to rent exclusively for your intimate ceremony...perfect for those rainy days.


Renew Your Vows


Marriage renewals are quickly becoming a popular and sweet way to memorialize your love and set the tone for your continuing relationship.


Creative Ideas

  • For many couples, this ceremony includes having family members as witnesses, such as your children who were only a twinkle in your eye when you first married.
  • Your original vows are recited, or new updated vows can be shared.

  • You may choose to exchange new rings to symbolize the renewal of your vows.

  • Some couples renew their vows on an annual basis, coinciding with their anniversary, in new exciting locations each time.

  • I can create a custom “Marriage Certificate” which describes the renewal and includes room for the signatures of the couple, their optional witness(es), and myself as the officiant.

Sliding scale for this custom ceremony is $100-$300.


Love is the Glue


You know you love each other...why not memorialize your special connection?


Love is Bigger than a Piece of Paper

Perhaps you are ready to commit your lives together, but do not require a marriage license. This is the perfect way to honor your love for one another and set the tone for your future...

Some traditions include a "Handfasting" ceremony to honor their commitment for a year and a day.