It is a joy to help you create a magical memory.


Welcome to my home, the magnificent Central Oregon Coast, where together we will blend the beauty of nature and the deep spirit of this land with the vision for your ceremony.

It truly is my honor to share the blessing of your precious event and to bring my many years of experience into play to make it an unforgettable memory for all.

Living on the Central Oregon Coast since 1991, I've hiked most every trail, climbed several coastal mountains, taken the back roads, and walked the beaches. I feel so fortunate to live here and to be able to share the magic of this place with you.

Besides being a Minister who is active in my local church, I have served my community as a mental and spiritual health counselor since 1992, including premarital and post-marital guidance.

I know the key ingredients to creating a successful union and meaningful life for couples and families. And as it can arise in some cases, I also have the ability to navigate the challenges that appear around the excitement and contrasting needs surrounding these major life events. Let me be your emotional as well as spiritual guide through the hurdles that may need my uplifting spirit.